Blogger Spotlight: 10 Questions with Jitimiebi!

Welcome to the Blogger Spotlight: 10 Questions with Jitimiebi!

 Our blogger of the month is Jitimiebi Joy Sanami!

Jitimiebi Joy Sanami, popularly called King Jeetee, the king is derived from the Bible, Revelations 1:6, for we are kings and priests unto God, so automatically, I am a king. 

Jitimiebi is a lawyer, writer, content creator, sweetheart, photographer, author. She hails from Bayelsa state. Jitimiebi currently works for a writing firm and I believe strongly in making the world a better place but by first becoming a better person to others. 

Location?: Abuja, Nigeria 

Q. What is one productivity app, gadget, or tool you use consistently? 

WordSwag, I run an affirmations platform, I post every morning by 6am, so using WordSwag is beneficial for me as I use it to design every affirmation, I find millions of free images there, so it makes the work easier for me. 

Q. How do you practice self-care in your life?

Hmmm, this goes a lot of ways actually. I’m a chop life kind of girl, anything stressful, I absolutely don’t like it, so my first go is having suya or kilishi with a cold bottle of orange juice. Other things I do to practice self-care is going to make my nails, I also love to treat myself to good facials, I take very good care of my skin. I do yoga too but I’ve not done that in a while, I should do that soon as it’s so relaxing and I get to do many fun poses that make people wonder how someone like me can pull that off. I also like to go see a movie by myself. Some people find it weird but I really enjoy it, I should do that soon. 

Q. What is one pet peeve of yours?

Quite a number but the number one is bad time management, I absolutely hate when people come late, with no communication or lie about the time. Nigerians say it’s normal, but I don’t think that it is or should be, we should learn how to keep to time. It gets me in a bad mood, and It shows on my face when people come late. I’m patient, but not that patient. The honorary mention is people chewing loudly, my goodness! I cannot stand it, I would automatically get irritated, so for me not to explode, I kindly leave the place or start chewing something myself to distract myself. 

Q. What is one thing you love about yourself?

I love absolutely everything but since you ask, I like the fact that people can confide in me and I listen and most of the time I have something comforting to say. So yeah, I’m proud of myself for being a good person lol. 

Q. What is one thing that makes you laugh hard?

Other people laughing, lol. I automatically start laughing and sometimes it gets too much sef and I can sprawl on the floor. 

Q. What is one thing about you most people don’t know?

I’m an open book, so I can’t think of anything, to be honest. 

Q. What is one cause or initiative you believe in and support?

Children, anything children. I believe they should grow right and they should have a better future than we did. You know that saying “children are the leaders of tomorrow”, I strongly believe in it. So in my time, I go to orphanages, IDP camps to share stuff, I also donate to some foundations that help out with children. I do not like children suffering and I believe good people can come out of a child who is taken good care of. 

Q. What is one way you practice kindness to women in your life?

I’m all for women’s support, I have the best girl-friends ever, so anything that requires me to celebrate a woman’s win, I’m all for it! I believe we are an alliance, we cannot be stopped if we all work together in love, I call us a GIRLIANCE! 

Q. What is one personal or professional development resource (book, podcast, course, video, song) you recommend?

The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. It has changed my mentality in sooo many ways. You attract what you think of. 

Q. What is one of your favorite mantras or quotes?

Never let anyone dull your sparkle…..Shine 

Bonus Question:

Q. Who is one woman in your network you’d like to see featured on the blog and blogger spotlight series?

 Chika Aliogo 

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