Blogger Spotlight: 10 Questions with Joy (Juliana) Odhiambo!

Our blogger of the month is Joy (Juliana) Odhiambo!

Joy (Juliana) Odhiambo is  a writer and a counselling psychologist with a special interest in relationships and gender politics. She is also the founder of Julee Noted CO  , a media and publishing company. Whose mission is to help women live their best lives by offering them resources and information to level up their finances and relationships as well as their mental and physical health, offering a digital magazine and blog as some of the many products.

Joy  loves spending time with family and friends and in her best element when creative. She enjoys writing about social issues but has an affinity for writing love stories.

The main objective for Joy is to make a difference and grow her business enough to make an impact in women’s lives globally.

Location: Kenya

Joy loves spending time with family and friends and in her best element when creative. She enjoys writing about social issues but has an affinity for writing love stories.

Q. What is one productivity app, gadget, or tool you use consistently?

I use Routinery every day. It’s a routine app that helps my morning and evening routines run smoothly. I truly believe that how you start and end your day is vital.

Q. How do you practice self-care in your life?

I try to work out and read on a daily basis but Saturday morning is the time I dedicate to selfcare. This is the only time in the week I make a point to deliberately slow down. Some of the things I include in my selfcare routine are listening to affirmations or a self-improvement podcast, meditating to declutter my mind and pampering my skin with a bath and whatever beauty treatment I have at home.

Q. What is one pet peeve of yours? 

When people are inconsiderate. 

Q. What is one thing you love about yourself?

I love my eyes! My mother and grandmother have similar shaped ones so it’s something that connects me to two generations of women that came before me.

“The only competition you have is yourself.”

Q. What is one thing that makes you laugh hard?

That character in a movie who is supposed to be “dumb” but occasionally does and says the most profound things at the most random times within the storyline.

Q. What is one thing about you most people don’t know?

I can draw. I recently got back into it and I am seriously out of practice but it’s something I still enjoy doing.

Q. What is one cause or initiative you believe in and support?

The empowerment of women in poverty is a cause that is very close to my heart. This I believe begins with educating women and girls. On a microscale I do my best to donate to multiple organizations in Kenya whose mission is to educate women but I hope that someday I can help on a larger scale.

Q. What is one way you practice kindness to women in your life?

I try my best to be a cheerleader to them. This includes sharing relevant opportunities with them and celebrating with them when they succeed.

Q. What is one personal or professional development resource (book, podcast, course, video, song) you recommend?

Right now, I am reading “Think Like a Monk by Jay Shetty” and so far, I am loving it. As a psychologist, you spend your time in school learning that trauma causes you to form unhealthy habits and thought patterns. Jay Shetty explores using techniques that he learnt from his life as a monk to free yourself from anything that may be holding you back in life.

Q. What is one of your favorite mantras or quotes?

“The only competition you have is yourself.”

Bonus Question:

Q. Who is one woman in your network you’d like to see featured on the blog and blogger spotlight series?

Alexis Musyoki is a counseling psychologist. Her blog is called Psyche with Alexis .

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