Blogger Spotlight:10 Questions with Bukola Smith!

Welcome to the Blogger Spotlight: 10 Questions with Bukola Smith!

Our blogger of the month is Bukola Deborah Smith

Bukola Deborah Smith is a woman-focused on doing the most good for the greatest number of people per time. Bukola is a serial volunteer, you’ll see her participate in countless humanitarian projects on Education, poverty alleviation, and mentoring of young women.

Professionally, she is a development worker who has managed projects on diverse issues funded by several international donor agencies. Every other day, she is an advocate against sexual violence. To survivors of sexual violence, she has one key message; ‘Healing is possible.

In commemoration of the Sexual Assault Awareness Month 2022, On 30th April 2022, Bukola will be launching a free online course “I’ve been RAPED: NOW WHAT?”. The course will be hosted on However, the link can be found on the Instagram bio @bukolasmithh

Bukola has a sweet tooth and an eternal love for fantasy fiction.

Location: Abuja

Q. What is one productivity app, gadget, or tool you use consistently?

Microsoft Word. LOL. I’m always typing one thing or another

Q. How do you practice self-care in your life?
I stay from negative, toxic, limiting, and unkind people/environments. It keeps me sane

Q. What is one pet peeve of yours?
People who refuse to acknowledge differing opinions. I can’t stand them.

Q. What is one thing you love about yourself?

I love how I’m evolving. I’m really looking forward to who Bukola Smith becomes in 5 years.

Q. What is one thing that makes you laugh hard?
It’s random. It’s a YouTube video today and a movie the next.

Q. What is one thing about you most people don’t know?
I have an adventurous palate. I’ll eat anything that looks good. Dogs and reptiles don’t count.

Q. What is one cause or initiative you believe in and support?
All forms of advocacy against sexual violence.

Q. What is one way you practice kindness to women in your life?

I pray, advise, mentor, celebrate and share opportunities with them. My women are an important part of my life. I am constantly seeking ways we can all grow together.

Q. What is one personal or professional development resource (book, podcast, course, video, song) you recommend?

This is hard. I love reading everything, different genres, different fields. I’ll read the back of a medicine pack if it looks interesting enough.
Very cliché but the Bible revolutionized my life. If you must study one book for clarity on fundamental issues, it definitely has to be the Bible.
The next book that comes to mind is the Third Door by Alex Banayan. It did something good to my mind.

Q. What is one of your favorite mantras or quotes?
Love your neighbor as yourself.

Bonus Question:
Q. Who is one woman in your network you’d like to see featured on the blog and blogger spotlight series.

Ebunlomo Fawole