In today’s post, our amazing blogger of the month shares with us her thoughts on the Entanglement of Social Media Entitlements in this blog post tagged BREAKING THE ENTANGLEMENT OF SOCIAL MEDIA ENTITLEMENTS.

If you’re living in this digital age, you would agree with me that life has become more demanding and we believe the new technologies and social media have actually made life easier-so yes, I honestly can’t disagree however on the other end, a lot of people and relationships are falling apart and choking under its demands.

For instance, in this part of our world, working an 8-5 job is no longer business as usual, while you deal with working physically, and keeping up with mail, a lot of offices have crept even into our personal spaces having ‘official WhatsApp group(s)’ with no apologies. Meanwhile, those WhatsApp groups are not often approved for activities, until after working hours. Odd hours that were meant to be for your personal upkeep, making work-life balance more difficult. You are obliged to attend to those updates to keep you effective supposedly. And yet not like ‘the pay is paying o’.  So you wonder why a lot of people are struggling to keep sane in our time.

This subtle choke-ness does not exempt other aspects of human life such as our relationships, parenting, etc. Our phones are screaming for our attention, and so are many aspects of our lives. The time to care for ourselves, and attend to other essential activities and our loved ones in real-time is gradually shrinking. The digital age has changed the course of events drastically, with no doubt.

Only those who are extra intentional navigate through this new norm, others are falling apart psychologically without even noticing. Mental health disorders are subtly on the rise but well masked by the social media wave. These vices are clear as day, from a thwarted-inflated economy to unemployment, to the frustrating and enslaving jobs. There are also toxic relationships and fluctuating behavioral patterns to heightened injustice, just to mention a few. We live in a society that is nearly strangled by many social vices.

Many people and these might include your loved ones are dealing with this daily breathing and keeping up with such stuff behind their golden screens. Many scary scenes that the mouth cannot tell, tormenting episodes that cameras cannot capture, and sad moments social media statuses cannot publish. I reckon that this is definitely no time for unhealthy expectations.

Don’t be that person behind your phone screen expecting the whole world to revolve around you looking for prey to pout it out in or the next person to hold a silent social media grudge on.

You’d be shocked at what the grudges are all about these days; “I called you on Facebook. you didn’t pick up. You read my message and you didn’t reply quickly. You viewed my status on WhatsApp, you couldn’t even comment. You didn’t post me on my birthday,  me sef won’t send you on yours…”

Ahhhh, social media is daring to make a lot of us more callous than ever and we must be guarded.

A lot of people are overwhelmed, sincerely, and are only trying to understand this whole new thing, and align themselves with purpose still. This matter is not even oblivious to the perpetrators of the new age.

Whatsapp has paid attention and added features that allow each person to deal with these concerns; so you can read a message and it shows unread, I can watch your status without you having a clue, I can post on mine and exclude you. In the same vein, if you delete a sent message, I can still uncode it from my end if I subscribe to the feature. 

Is this not more like a ‘wahalard’ something? 🤣

So Mark Zuckerberg didn’t just come for you and me, he came to make wealth and he is ready to serve our egos as long as it brings the pay.

There is a lot beyond what your screen can hold.