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In today’s post, our amazing blogger of the month Adele Makyai shares a blog post from her site Yellowraydigital on Discovering Your Personal Style

Personal style is a way of expressing yourself through the choices of your clothes. In simple words, it is just ‘your’ fashion sense. Your style describes and represents you as an individual. It can actually tell who you are without having to say a word.

When you haven’t figured out your personal style yet, the whole thing can feel like trying on many different shades of you. You became all the different people you have seen and admired along the way. Trying on overalls because that one fashion girl pulled them off so well with sneakers. You give all-black outfit a go because you saw it on Facebook once.

Here are few points to help you discover your personal style:

  1. Sort out your wardrobe

When it comes to creating your personal style, you don’t have to look further than the pieces you have in your wardrobe. You can work around that area by sorting out your clothes. Remove the pieces you no longer wear and just add a few basics like belts, glasses, neutral colors, etc.

It’s not that you don’t look good in the styles. It’s not that you can’t pull them off; You can make any style work with your closet if you have the mind to. It’s just that the clothes you have collected may not always feel like you. You need to have pieces that feel like they represent more of your personality and you as a person.

2. Be confident with your style

You need to find a style that feels right and one you are comfortable in. Once you are comfortable nothing can beat nor stop you. Let confidence build whenever you realize that the way you dress is your way, and not a carbon of somebody else. Lean into the items that make you feel confident in daily situations. Free yourself up to be uniquely you! The power of style is when you truly wear something that truly means something to you, something that connects you and makes you feel at home. There might be variations of a woman/man you’re trying to be. You don’t have to necessarily dress like them, in the process of doing so you might lose yourself and feel less confident if it doesn’t turn exactly as you saw it.

3. Consider your lifestyle

Take a real look at your life. You have to be honest with yourself about what your lifestyle is and what is most practical for you. What is really your reality? Rely more on your own interests and taste. You can have great admiration for a stylist, a trend, or a clothing item, but not wear it yourself. Some things are better appreciated from afar. Remember you are trying to build your own personal style you are trying to build.

4. Get Inspiration from looks you are drawn to

Consider what clothing looks you are drawn to the most. There is nothing wrong with saving up a thousand Pinterest boards and screenshots of different fashion icons you look up to or inspire you. Focus on what looks you love the very most. From your collection of favorites, define which are the few that are this amazing to you and ones you can play around with. This helps you gather different ideas. Moreover, it gives you a broader understanding of your preferences.

Knowing your personal style sometimes requires looking out into the world and seeing what sticks, and what doesn’t. Through magazines, blogger’s pages, fashion week shows, street style, friends, movies, and more, you can start to parse out what works for you. Trends can still be sources of inspiration, as long as you aren’t blindly following them.

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