In today’s post, our amazing blogger of the month Jitimiebi Joy Sanami! shares a blog post from her site Thekingraphy on Girliance!

Hello readers, I got this inspiration from a fellow blogger on Girl Power and how it’s essential for us to uplift each other.

I feel there’s a lot of competition between each gender but the competition between women is sometimes alarming. I see women who make a conscious effort to bring another woman down all because of some silly competition. Okay fine, a little competition is not bad, but it shouldn’t be one that would bring the other person entirely down, the competition should be healthy and aim to motivate.

I went to an all-girls school (Shoutout to FGGC Bwari ‘11 girls), it wasn’t so bad for me because yeah I can get along with anyone really, but it wasn’t all rosy, the worst part of secondary school were “Cliques”. A normal definition of a clique is a group of individuals who share similar interests and interact with each other on those interests. These cliques are formed based on popularity, class, and some other things that can bring a group of people together. However, in my secondary school, there were some mean cliques, if you’ve watched “Mean Girls” I’m sure you can relate, some of these cliques consisted of hot girls, hot blokes (tomboys), family cliques and so forth. Most of these cliques were scary and most times we end up comparing ourselves to them wishing we were a part of them.

Sometimes, it’s not easy to have female friends, it’s intimidating at times, and many of us prefer to have male friends, that should not be the case, we should have at least two or three close female friends we can count on, friends that will uplift you and friends you can grow with, they should be your source of inspiration and they should also be able to count on you. There’s something special in you, find it out and become that blessing to your girlfriends. I have something special, the ability to listen to my friends and give them good advice is my strong suit, and also being able to connect and keep in touch, that’s what makes me special to them. My friends have special things about them too, I can’t mention them all but the ones I did this shoot with I can speak for them.

Queen– Known her since nursery school, quite annoying but she’s absolutely lovable and kind too.

Kejee– I can count on her because she’s always laughing and even though I didn’t like her earlier, I love her so much now because we connect and I can tell her stuff without judging me.

Funmi– We met in 2012, we connected over the word “garrotted” and we’ve been best friends since then, she helps during very trying times and she doesn’t judge at all, she’s my plug and reset button.

Chykah– My CBN, the only person I can actually borrow money from without flinching, we talk about anything and everything, straightforward person and helper, second best friend because yeah why not? Please if you’re reading this, I need money thanks hehe (I’m not playing).

We decided to match up by wearing the same colors and Ankara, to show that we can come together and work as a force #girliance

Do you have an inner circle? Do you feel having an inner circle is necessary? This is my inner circle and I’m proud of them anytime.

Uplift your fellow woman today, we are in an alliance that shouldn’t be broken over petty things. You are strong, you are beautiful and you are amazing. Girl power??

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Photos taken edited by: Me again??

Till next time, remember to keep kinging always.

The King…xx

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