Money & Discipline

In today’s post our amazing blogger of the month Abisola Olamide Williams shares with us her thoughts on the challenges of a young entrepreneur in this blog post tagged  MONEY and DISCIPLINE.

Hi there,  What exactly is the main challenge of a young entrepreneur???

While we all have our opinions on what you think is the best answer. I’d love to also drop my two cents.

Capital (money) is one of the biggest excuses young people make when it comes to opportunities and investments.

Is MONEY really the challenge???

How do you raise money for your phone, your hair, your shoes?

Why not put that same energy in raising capital for your business!!

Remember we NEED MONEY TO MAKE MONEY. You see that first money you need to make money , DISCIPLINE alongside other attributes is what will help you get it.

When you eventually get that capital, how do you structure your business?

How much did you put back in your business when you made your first sales?

A lot of young CEOs today want to look rich, but they are not actually rich.

Do you understand the law of delayed gratification?

As a content creator, instead of you getting up and creating something, you’re on Instagram all day liking people’s posts. You said you can’t  start because you don’t have a ring light ??? Really 🙄(I’m shaking my own table here!!)

How many books do you read ?

There are free courses online now, there are websites where you could sign up for free online and take courses. How many of these sites have you ever visited to at least check how they operate?

A lot of people want to make money before acquiring skills, but it doesn’t work that way !!!

I have made terrible money mistakes and I have made very wise decisions too and making the wise ones Is not easy!

How many times have you made a conscious effort towards financial education?

I remember when we wanted to do our conference last year and we didn’t have money at the time to get our proposals to some of our prospective sponsors ..It was difficult and I told myself, I won’t borrow.. After exhausting all the options of getting money.. I sold my Phone!!!

I wanted my brand to grow, the phone was getting in my way so I sold it and used the money to do what I needed to do…

Consistency is a thing and this comes with Discipline. If you ask all the successful people in any industry..They will tell you all that they sacrificed and how hard they worked to be where they are.

If you’re not disciplined when you don’t have money, how disciplined will you be when you have? Imagine making your first 100k. Can you put 60k back in your business or do you want to buy clothes? 

We keep it real in this family yeah? I hope I’m not shaking tables 🥺🥺🥺

We need money to make money, that’s right but we need DISCIPLINE to make the right money decisions. Imagine if I had waited for when the websites would be up so that I could send you these might never happen soon but I had to start here anyway because it’s in the plan that once we have a community, they must receive a love note.

I can tell you that you’ve gotten the money you need to grow but you couldn’t make the needed SACRIFICE .. You’re just cut out for the soft life😄😄😄😄 Soft life is good but you cannot have a Lamborghini dream and put in the work of a 504 (I don’t know if the Indomie generation will know this car sha!!)

Dear Tribe, Consistency and Discipline is the new soap. You can achieve anything you set your heart to do , if you have the discipline to pay the price, do what you need to do and never give up !!




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