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In today’s post, our amazing blogger of the month Helen Ikhille shares with us POSITIONING

I have got news for you. Listen up regardless of the challenges that you face, you have a place in the universe, and your shadow counts. Choose to rise up, stand up and dare to challenge your limits.

Greatness is not a matter of luck. You need to start putting plans in place and working on the plans.

Position yourself for greatness; prepare yourself for greatness and work every day with a vision of greatness. 

Do not park in the past and keep telling stories of past disappointments and victories.  Have a clear vision of what you want from life. To tap into opportunities, you need to have started from the small things.

It is not fine to invest all the time and money in yourself and then sell yourself short. You deserve the sunlight and all the blessings that come with illumination. Be seen, heard, and recognized. Stop playing little. It is not humility to not speak of your accomplishment.

Dress up, wear the heel, adorn the dress, and wear a great perfume with a beautiful smile. Show up where the opportunities are. 


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