Power Of Confessions

In today’s post, our amazing blogger of the month Olufisayo Abiodun shares with us what she believes is the power of confessions. 

 Hi there, 

Today I will share about the power of confession, and how I spoke current life into existence through the power of confession.

Let’s get some facts, I’m a believer and that means I believe in the power of Jesus Christ I believe in God and I believe in the bible, I find out that when people say they are spiritual, it doesn’t necessarily say they believe in the power of God and Jesus Christ people are talking about different things right so I just wanted to put things out clearly that I’m talking about God I’m talking about Jesus Christ and I’m talking about the bible.

Confessions are declarations of faith based on the word of God, the Bible says in Hebrew 10 let us hold fast the confession of our faith without wavering for faithful is he who has promised right and will do it definitely if you are thinking so how do I get this confession of faith for myself. It starts with actually taking time to set up God’s will for you on the matter at hand (1 search out God’s will on the matter)let me break this down, for instance, you desire a new life you desire a new job you desire something or the other you need to take time to pray to seek God’s face on the matter.

Just praying in the spirit about a particular matter that is bothering us or something that we are very hopeful for in that time of prayer the spirit of God usually leads us to some scriptures that pertain to the matter at hand or that align with what we hope to happen on our life from there you take out those scriptures and begin to craft (2 write out your confession) your confession with it so crafting of confession is just like you know praying you know how as believers you are not supposed to just pray words right you’re supposed to pray the word of God back to him, so you’re supposed to have scriptural backing when you are praying right you’re supposed to pray the will of God so same thing as when confessing something this is the difference between confession and affirmation that people just talk because you know they say positive things, nothing is wrong with that right but they are not backed up with scriptures the So the difference here is that you’re confessing the word of God right you’re confessing what you desire what you hope for and backing it up with the word of God backing it up with what God has promised you in his word 

None of the words that God has spoken to you that God has spoken over your life shall fail but then there is the role you have to play in bringing that word that has been spoken over your life to fulfillment to manifestation and that’s how you act out your faith, so faith is an action word, faith is a doing word, if you are acting in faith you are doing something, for instance, you desire to get an A or you desire to get a new job or you desire to get a promotion or whatever it is there are actions in the physical that you need to carry out and actually carrying out the actions, for instance, you want A in a course you are going to school, you are studying your books you are interacting with your colleagues intelligently, that’s you acting out in faith alongside confessing daily that the wisdom of God is at work in your life that you have the spirit of excellence, that you be strong and courageous and you will do exploit. 

As I was saying about writing out scripture, when these scriptures have been laid in your heart you write them down in your notepad, journal, or whatever is convenient for you and then begin to frame them in an easy simple to read words or simple to memorize words that you can repeatedly say to yourself every day

 If you’re trying to be consistent with the practice of confession, you can set an alarm, get an accountability partner, you can do it with your prayer time, you can have it has the lock screen on your phone. It’s not the frequency, it’s the consistency with it.


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