Refuse to be Boxed In!

Growing up, I would wear a big smile on my face and reply “Banking and Finance”, whenever I had to answer the “What do you want to study in University?” question.

I had my life planned out – finish secondary school at 15, get into University at 16, graduate at 20, start my banking career at 21, get married at 22, have kids before 30, and live my best life till I’m 95!

Well, I’ll be 29 this year and I’m not a banker, I’m not married, no kid yet, and I’m looking reality in the face. Amazingly, despite all the plans I had in my head when it was time to start living the imaginations, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with my life after school. I had spent four years of my life studying an unmarketable course in this part of the world – Sociology.

 My current reality: working in tech. 

Discovering my place in the tech world changed everything for me. I went from the clueless successful-wanna-be lady to one who is gradually climbing her way up to a branch of tech I never knew existed – Digital Marketing. 

As broad as this term may sound, I found something suitable for someone like me who saw writing as a hobby and not something to pursue as a career – Content Development. It wasn’t a smooth journey at first. I had my days of poor content creation, terrible client reviews (see, hours/days of writer’s block, and fear of failing. Nurturing this new skill set has taken me farther.  

As a newbie in the Content Development space, I needed to work in an environment that would fuel my creativity and mould my hobby into something professional and marketable. My first and second place of work wasn’t the best fertile ground to grow. I had the zeal. Unfortunately, the environment was nowhere near enabling. I had to take on other responsibilities that watered down the main thing I wanted to do. Thankfully, my third job was the fertile ground I needed to grow. It was a Digital Media Agency. I went in as a novice. I nurtured my skill set, developed new ones and went from a novice to someone that gets paid to do what she’s passionate about for businesses and individuals. I’m sure you’re wondering why I’m choosing to share (and possibly bore you with) my story. I’ll tell you why. 

Sometimes, it is not that we can’t do a thing. The challenge most times is finding the right place to do it. Anyone can write but, not everyone can blog; ask Neil Patel (

Finding the branch of writing that is right for you gives you the freedom to bring out your full potential. How? Passion will be there. The zeal to succeed will be high no matter how much learning, trial and error is required. Imagine if you find yourself in news writing but you’re more drawn to creative writing, you will find it hard to bring out the creative side of you because of the restrictions that come with news writing. 

Having the ability to do a thing is not enough. The right place to do it matters. 

For example, if you give two people with the same passion opportunities in two different organizations with opposite levels of flexibility and freedom of expression, their results will differ. Why? One is restricted and forced to follow an existing way of handling projects while the other enjoys the freedom to be creative and innovative in the execution of a project.

Granted, the society we’re in can make this seem impossible for several known factors (economic instability, insecurity, and many more). However, that shouldn’t be allowed to continue to limit the level of your creative expression. 

There is always a way out. Keep looking for it. 

Do something you love, explore the available options, open yourself to the possibility of so much more, and key into your creative side. You are a star; you are in charge of your life and your every decision.

I am rooting for you and would love to see you win so break free and rule your world, dear Champion!


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