Strength To Us!

In today’s post, our amazing blogger of the month Deborah Oluwadamilola Oyinloye shares with us on strength as it relates to The state of the nation’s educational sector from her landing page 

The state of the nation’s educational sector has always been a burden to me. 

The current educational state of Nigeria begs for pity among tertiary institution students. It is saddening to realize that time is ticking, months are passing, and another school year is almost closing; yet, nothing is done. Our leaders are nonchalant, uncaring, and selfish to show any iota of concern for students.

This degradation has led to discouragement, depression, and even the spread of other moral vices among young ones. Honestly, it’s understandable when you as a student feel discouraged. In fact, it is acceptable and okay to feel this way; it is just NOT acceptable to feel depressed and allow other vices to take their root within you.

Depression has and will always be linked to the high rate of suicide news in the country. Meanwhile, other social vices such as fraud have also become very rampant. Insecurity, as a result of stay-at-home and unemployed students, has become the order of the day. As it is, youths have gone haywire and it’s not even safe to wonder about the next line of action.

Various questions must have pulled at the strings of your heart countless times. Questions that beg to be answered on your self-identity, financial status, and general outlook on life. While these questions rampage your heart, hold this dear:

There is strength to us!

Even amidst disaster and chaos, there is strength to us!

Even amidst the high level of unseriousness and discouragement in the country, there is strength to us!

Believe it! There’s strength to us. It’s in us!