In today’s post our amazing blogger of the month Jumoke ‘Smiley’ Munu shares with us why we should visit Araromi Beach, Ondo State.

 Hi there, 

I found out about Araromi Beach, sometime last year from a friend and I thought it was just some way to pull my leg then I searched on the internet and saw TayoAinaFilms Video about it and it confirmed everything. I immediately looked up Ondo state on the map to see if the Alantic ocean passes through the states (just like you, I was doubting Thomas just like most of you) and the map confirmed it again.

This huge untapped beach is the most breathtaking beach I’ve seen in my whole life and it’s my fourth off-beat path destination, although lots of locals might be frolicking in the waters and then Ilaje fishermen fishing in the deep.

Here are a few reasons you should visit Araromi beach;

  • It got amazing views 
  • Experience freshly roasted seafood(fishes,crabs,e.t.c)tasting from locals 
  • Watch the fishermen fishing in their canoes 

  • Experience the serenity of the beach with just you or a few friends (not the overcrowded beach in our part of the country)
  • Get hosted (overnight stay)by a local for as low as five hundred Naira 

If you’re super adventurous, experience a bike ride on the coastal line from Lagos to (Ajah) to Araromi beach or a boat from Epe 

Will you plan to visit? If yes, will you consider doing a bike ride all the way from Lagos?

Happy to hear about your experience, follow me on IG for more @thejumokesmiley